Custom Controls

Made to Order

We create many custom control systems for OEMs, and one off controls for end users.
Below are examples of custom controls we have created. If you are in need of a control system for a new product or a retrofit control for legacy machinery feel free to contact us.

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Each of our control boxes is built to the customer’s specifications.  We have build control boxes ranging from a few cubic inches to full size operator consoles.

Waterproof enclosure with custom engraved overlay, one momentary rocker switch, one maintained.

Portable coil tester, battery powered with adjustable frequency for a wide range of coils. Backlit display with a wide range of diagnostic information.

Control box with four center tapped proportional single axis joysticks.

Coupler control box with rocker switch and LED status indicators.

Large dash mounted control box with multiple controls including toggle switches, push buttons, LED status indicators and a potentiometer.

K-Series handle mounted on a single axis JS-08 joystick encased in a waterproof box with a rocker switch.


Tabletop operator’s console with LCD screen, membrane keypad and an emergency stop button.

Large O-Series enclosure with a custom engraved faceplate and five rocker switches as the controls.

Highly customized L-Series grip with multiple push buttons, potentiometer, e-stop and toggle switch.

Dash mounted control box with speed controlling potentiometer, multiple toggle switches and a push button.

S-Series grip with single button mounted on JS-02 joystick enclosed in a waterproof case with a potentiometer.

Large O-series enclosure with four rocker switches, one emergency stop and a toggle switch used for power options.


X-Series grip with single trigger and rocker switch.

Waterproof H-Series enclosure with four push buttons and a power LED switch.

Custom shaped enclosure created to fit on an existing control. Control unit has eight toggles configured for boom controls.

L-Series grip with five rocker switches as controls and a double function trigger on the back of the handle.

L-Series grip with a custom engraved faceplate, status indicating LEDs, push buttons and a toggle switch.

X-Series grip with two push buttons, a potentiometer and a toggle switch.

Large O-Series handle with six rocker switches and an LED used as a power indicator.


X-Series grip with two toggle switches and a single trigger on the rear of the handle.

Weatherproof radio remote system with support lanyard, six potentiometers, a proportional joystick, emergency stop button and power LED switch.

Three function L-Series grip with push buttons.

S-Series grip with single rocker switch mounted on JS-04 joystick enclosed in a waterproof case.

Large O-Series handle with multiple toggle switches, speed controlling potentiometer, an emergency stop button and two LED push buttons for controlling the power for a saw.

L-Series grip with three rocker switches and an on/off push button.

Waterproof H-Series enclosure with two toggle switches.