Control Boxes

We have been doing more and more custom control boxes recently, so we thought we should add a section to our web page. If you think about it, our grips are just control boxes that are shaped to fit your hand, so we are already experts on this kind of thing!

Since there are no "official" models of boxes, we decided to post some examples we have done in the past to give you an idea of what we can make.

Toggles Toggles

This agricultural application required two double throw centre off toggle switches wired in a motor reversing configuration. The box includes two status LEDs and a fuseholder.
Rockers Rockers

Used in a mining environment, this control box uses two off the shelf "S" series faceplates in a custom CNC machined enclosure. The unit is fully gasketed and has a powerful magnet mounted internally so the machine operator can quickly move the box to a convenient mounting location.
Joysticks Joysticks

This is a small On/Off joystick used in a municipal equipment plow application. The box includes a status LED, power switch, fuseholder, and internal electronics to "latch" the joystick on in certain positions.
Large-Rockers Large-Rockers

This control box uses a larger 3 position rocker switch for a Forward/Off/Reverse agricultural application. Both the switch and the box are fully sealed for use in demanding outdoor conditions. This unit also includes a fuseholder.