JS-02 Panel Cutout

JS-02 Drawing

Dual axis, analog output joystick. All axes use Hall effect sensors for long life. Can be supplied with a plain knob, or a X, L, S, M, B, K, or P series grip.

Height 77mm above the panel (with plain knob)
Length 64mm diameter (above panel)
Width 64mm diameter (above panel)
Angle X and Y: +/- 20 degrees
Life > 4 Million Cycles

Supply Voltage Minimum 4.5 VDC, Maximum 5.5 VDC, Typically 5.0 VDC
Supply Current 15 mA
Output Voltage Minimum 0.5 VDC, Maximum 4.5 VDC, 2.5 VDC in neutral position, each axis
Output Current 2 mA

Operating Temp. Minimum -40 °C, Maximum 70 °C
IP Rating IP 65 Above Panel (with plain knob)