JS-03 Panel Cutout

JS-03 Drawing

Triple axis, analog output mini joystick. All axes use Hall effect sensors for long life. Single and dual axis versions available as a special order item.

Height 27mm above the panel
Length 51mm diameter
Width 51mm diameter
Angle X and Y: +/- 12 degrees, Z: +/- 30 degrees
Life > 1 Million Cycles

Supply Voltage Minimum 4.5 VDC, Maximum 5.5 VDC, Typically 5.0 VDC
Supply Current 6 mA Per axis
Output Voltage Minimum 0.5 VDC, Maximum 4.5 VDC, 2.5 VDC in neutral position, each axis
Linearity +/- 3%
Load Resistance Minimum 10K Ohms, Typically 100K Ohms

Operating Temp. Minimum -20 °C, Maximum 60 °C
IP Rating IP54 Above Panel