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J1939 can be added to many controls including proportional joysticks.


Up To 19 Functions

Custom keypad optional.


From the Foreword to J1939 (Serial Control and Communications Heavy Duty Vehicle Network)…

“The SAE J1939 communications network is a high speed ISO 11898-1 CAN-based communications network that supports real-time closed loop control functions, simple information exchanges, and diagnostic data exchanges between Electronic Control Units (ECUs), physically distributed throughout the vehicle.

Here is a high level overview of the J1939 protocol

An overview of the J1939 family of standards and how they are used

A SAE White Paper http://www.sae.org/misc/pdfs/J1939.pdf

Here is information about custom products



One of the advantages of J1939 is the distance of transmission over a single wire pair.

Average distance per data rate

500 kbit/sec – 328 Feet

250 kbit/sec – 656 Feet

Custom PGN

A PGN (Parameter Group Number) identifies a message’s function and associated data. We are capable of adding your own custom PGN for your J1939 application or assigning one of the predefined PGNs.


The J1939 communications network is suitable for light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty vehicles used on-road or off-road.

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