Single/dual axis, switched output, full size, electromechanical switches.

Base JS-04

Single or dual axis


Custom enclosure with an S Series grip
The JS-04 is a dual axis spring return to center full size joystick. It uses long life snap action switches to give an expected life of more than 1 million cycles.
It has an IP rating of 54 above the panel (with the optional boot).
The switches are rated 10A at 125VAC.
The JS-04 comes stock with a threaded shaft.
Single axis and custom gate patterns are available.
Height100 mm above the panel
Length50 mm
Width95 mm
Angle+/- 37 Degrees
Life> 1 Million Cycles
ResistanceMin 9000 Ohms, Max 11000 Ohms, Typicall 10000 Ohms
Power Rating0.25 Watts
Center Tap VoltageMin 0.48, Max 0.54, Typically 0.5 of supply voltage
Operating Temp.Min -25 °C, Max 70 °C
IP RatingIP65 above panel

Field Replaceable Switches

JS-04 switches can be field serviced with a few basic tools. We sell repair kits for all your maintenance needs.

Snap Action Switches

Snap action switches are designed for higher reliability applications. They have an operating life up to 1 million cycles

Dual Axis


Image Gallery

View an image gallery of possible configurations for the JS-04 joystick.