Single axis, analog/switched output, fingertip size, potentiometric sensors.

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Single axis, proportional output joystick
The JS-07 is a single axis spring return to center miniature size joystick. It uses a long life potentiometer to give an expected life of more than 5 million cycles.
It has an IP rating of 66 above the panel.
Signal level onboard directional switches are included.
The joystick housing incorporates a 7 pin FCI connector for the electrical connection.
Height65mm above the panel
Angle+/- 29 Degrees
Life> 5 Million Cycles
ResistanceMin 4000 Ohms, Max 6000 Ohms, Typically 5000 Ohms
Power Rating0.25 Watts
Supply VoltageMaximum 35 VDC, Typically 5 VDC
Supply Current5 mA
Output VoltageMinimum 0.1, Maximum 0.9, of supply voltage
Center Tap VoltageMin 0.48, Max 0.52, Typically 0.5 of supply voltage
Electrical Angle+/- 28 Degrees
Current2 mA
Activation Point+/- 5 Degrees from center
Operating Temp.Min -25 °C, Max 70 °C
IP RatingIP66 above panel

Single Axis

for either LEFT RIGHT or FORWARD BACK operation

Image Gallery

View an image gallery of possible configurations for the JS-07 joystick.