Scorpion M Series

Service parts available
Not recommended for new applications

DT-02Thumb Dot 1/2"
GR-01Wire Grommet
LS-00Leaf Spring
LS-01Leaf Spring Kit c/w Screws
M-FP-00Blank Faceplate
M-FP-022 Button Empty Faceplate
M-FP-044 Button Empty Faceplate
M-FP-A22 Button Faceplate Assy.
M-FP-A44 Button Faceplate Assy.
M-HL-01Handle Case Left
M-HL-02Handle Case Right
M-ME-A22 Button Overlay
M-ME-A44 Button Overlay
M-PN-A0Mounting Pin Drilled 1/4"
M-PN-A1Mounting Pin Tapped M10 x 1.5
M-PN-A2Mounting Pin Tapped M12 x 1.25
M-PN-A3Mounting Pin Tapped M12 x 1.75
M-PN-A4Mounting Pin Tapped M14 x 2.0
M-PN-A5Mounting Pin Tapped 5/8" -11
M-PN-A6Mounting Pin Tapped M14 x 1.5
M-PN-A7Mounting Pin Tapped 3/8" -16
M-PN-A8Mounting Pin Tapped 1/2" -13
M-TR-01Single Trigger
M-TR-02Double Trigger
SB-01Double Trigger Switch Block
SC-02Button Capscrew #10-32 x 3/8"
SC-03Tapping Screw #2 x 7/16"
SC-04Button Capscrew #10-32 x 1/4"
SC-05Machine Screw #2-56 x 1/2"
SC-07Tapping Screw #4 x 5/8"
SW-01Switch M Series

Scorpion Technologies’ M series handle was the very first model we offered, and we continue to offer a full line of service parts.

We suggest our “L” or “X” grip for new designs, but we continue to support the M series.