In order to exactly fit your needs, we carry a wide selection of accessories that can be used with the majority of our products. This list is constantly being added to and improved so be sure to check this section again in the future.

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Hanger Clip Assembly Hanger Clip Assembly

Our Hanger Clip Assembly has been around for a while now, but we're finding many people are still not aware of it. We mount a metal button on the nose of our L, M, S, O or P series grips (or on a custom control box) and use a mounting clip (similar to a "CB" radio microphone clip) to hang the grip in a convenient place, like a vehicle dash. This means that a pendant style grip can be mounted right where the operator needs it to be. We even include a wedge to adjust the clip/grip assembly to a comfortable angle.

Mechanical Operator Presence Switch Mechanical Operator Presence Switch

Our new MOP switch is a lever style switch that can be installed below the trigger on our L, M and S series to act as an operator presence device. The lever operates one of our standard SW-00 switches, and can be wired to provide switched power to the entire grip or to provide a separate output signal to indicate the presence or absence of an operator. This MOP switch leaves the operator's index finger free to operator the trigger functions normally.

Service Kits Service Kits

We offer a variety of service kits that allow quick field replacement of common parts on our handles. These low cost kits have the parts and tools to replace a switch or leaf spring, and we even include the fasteners you are going to drop in the process! With the cost of down time being what it is, you should have a service kit in every machine. We would be pleased to customize a kit to your exact requirements. Order KT-00 for our L and S series handles and KT-01 for our M series handles.