Scorpion Technologies Ltd. manufactures a broad range of electrical control grips, joysticks and pendant stations primarily intended for electrical control of hydraulic functions on heavy duty mobile equipment.


Electrical control of hydraulics is rapidly replacing old style manual control valves in almost every industry in the world. Having electrical controls for the hydraulics greatly simplifies the hydraulic plumbing since the control valves do not have to be located near the operator. Because the hot hydraulic fluids can be kept away from the operator, safety and cleanliness are both enhanced. Electrical control allows light fingertip control of hydraulics, and a compact single control grip and joystick can replace a whole bank of levers on manual controlled valves.

Our industrial control handles have been manufactured since 1994, when the partners saw a market need for a high quality, low cost customizable handle. The products were originally targeted for the western Canada forestry equipment market, but we have since supplied grips for many other applications, including agriculture, construction, aerospace, off-highway, mining, railroad, and military uses. We have recently added industrial joysticks and pendant controls to our product line. The modular nature of our products means that we can easily customize a product to fit the customer’s exact needs, even for a quantities as low as one. Scorpion products are currently used in more than twenty countries around the world.

Everyone at Scorpion Technologies takes pride in supplying top quality product, and we feel our level of customer service is second to none. We are pleased to announce we are ISO 9001-2008 certified.