Rocker Switches

Custom overlays are available for any of our grips, pendant stations or control boxes. There are very minimal or zero setup costs. They are a great way to show a company name or logo or control functions.
To show you how customizable our overlays are, here are some examples of overlays we have done in the past.


Pushbutton Options

We have many rocker switches that are not listed and access to thousands more. If you do not see the style that you require please call us and discuss your needs.

X Series control grip with two vertical rockers

Glue on rocker kits can be added to any control grip overlay. Can be installed vertically or horizontally.


A maintained switch keeps its state until it’s “switched” into a new one. The most common example of this is a light switch. It can maintain two states ON and OFF.


Illuminated switches can be used to show the state of the switch.


Momentary information


Overlays can be made for custom, nonstandard controls