The newest addition to our electronics test bench is the FLIR ETS320 thermal imaging camera system.
It’s a heat sensing video camera designed to evaluate how hot circuit boards and electronic components

Power electronics like Scorpions valve driver modules generate heat, and excessive component/circuit
board temperatures can cause erratic performance or even physical damage. Smaller circuit boards and
lack of air circulation can make overheating worse. Scorpion spends considerable time and effort on
heat management when designing our electronics, and the ETS320 is a great tool to observe heating
characteristics in real time. The camera software colorizes the video to emphasize temperature
differences. This means we can try different components and layouts to determine the best ways to
keep things as cool as possible.

Driver chip at normal operating current                Driver chip at thermal shutdown

Here’s an example of our EM-MS-02 valve driver board running at a typical normal current and then just
before thermal shutdown.