Wiring Tips

Wire breakage inside the cable can be one of the most difficult and frustrating problems to find. Scorpion handles use special high flexibility wire to help minimize problems, but any wire will eventually fail if improperly installed. Almost all wire breakage problems can be traced to common installation mistakes.

Nylon tie wraps are very useful in giving the wiring harness a neat and finished appearance, but applying them too tightly can crush the wire insulation and pinch the wires. When the cable is pinched the individual wires can’t slide inside the cable jacket and a stress point is created.

If the wire from the control handle is routed down the joystick shaft with little slack, the wire will tend to flex over a very small area. Eventually the repeated flexing will cause the wire strands to break. The solution is to provide enough slack in the cable so the flexing motion will be distributed over a longer section of wire.

Ideally, a gentle loop of wire should be left around the mounting stud to spread the flexing point over a larger area.