Scorpion X Series

Single or double trigger, up to four faceplate buttons, long life snap action switches, field replaceable switches, many other options.

Stock Button Configurations

Available in 2 button vertical, 2 button horizontal, 4 button diamond and 4 button square.

Square and Diamond pattern

Configure your grip for maximum comfort and accessibility.

Single or Double Trigger

An optional single or double trigger can be installed in the X Series control grip.
Switches can be momentary or maintained.

Rocker kit

Rockers can be installed in vertical or horizontal orientation over any two adjacent buttons.

Custom Faceplate Options

The stock button configuration can be replaced with custom switches, LEDs, proportional controls, rockers, hat switch etc.
Scorpion Technologies’ X series handle is a mid sized control grip for applications requiring up to six functions. This handle is available with a single or two-way trigger and up to four thumb operated faceplate buttons. The ergonomic shape is a comfortable fit for most people’s hands, and the faceplate is compact enough to minimize thumb movements.
  • Single and Double Triggers available
  • Up to 4 Momentary Buttons
  • Long Life Snap Action Switches
  • Field Replaceable Switches
  • Tough ABS Case
  • Aluminum Mounting Pin
  • High Flex Wire
  • Double, Single or No Trigger
  • 2 Buttons Vertical
  • 2 Buttons Horizontal
  • 4 Buttons Square
  • 4 Buttons Diamond
Dimensions5.9 x 2.2 x 3.9 inches (L x W x D)
MaterialsCase: black or grey ABS. Mounting pin: aluminum
Mounting threads7/8 - 14 NF female
Many adapter bushings available
Graphic overlayBlack. Custom overlays available
Trigger0 switches
1 momentary switch (pull)
2 momentary switches (push/pull)
1 maintained switch (pull)
5 Amp @ 24 VDC, 120 VAC 1 million cycles @ 1 Amp
Faceplate0 switches (blank faceplate)
2 momentary switches (vertical or horizontal)
4 momentary switches (square or diamond)
Proportional pushbutton, rocker, or hat switches available
Maintained switches available
Toggle switches available
Rocker switches available
LEDs available
Potentiometers and rotary switches available
Wire20 ga. 19 strand PVC jacket, 10 feet standard
Other lengths, gauges and materials available

Field Repair Kit

All X Series Grips can be field serviced with a few basic tools. We sell repair kits for all your maintenance needs.

Snap Action Switches

Snap action switches are designed for higher reliability applications. They have an operating life up to 1 million cycles

Service Parts

Manny control options are available.

Toggle, Rocker, Proportional, Momentary and more


Image Gallery

View an image gallery of possible configurations for the X Series control grip