Scorpion Technologies offers a broad range of electronic modules to complement our lines of control grips and joysticks. Like all our products, these modules have been designed to be easily customized for special applications, and are available in many different configurations.


Tiny programmable controllers
Analog and digital inputs
Analog and digital outputs

Programmable Valve Drivers

PWM and analog outputs
Diverter valve


Diverter output feature
Fits in most grips
4, 6, or 10 functions

Signal Conditioners

Many input options
Many output options
Custom products available
JS-05 Joystick

Motor Controllers

Relay based reversing
Solid state reversing
Wired or unwired
Bare board or enclosure
JS-07 Joystick


Circuit for multiplexing switches
Run up to 16 functions from 9 switches
JS-08 Joystick

USB Adapter

4 analog inputs
12 digital on/off inputs
Windows and MacOS drivers
USB 3.0 Compatible


Customer assigned PGNs
Up to 8 analog I/O
Up to 16 digital I/O
Boards modified to fit almost any form factor