In order to exactly fit your needs, we carry a wide selection of accessories that can be used with the majority of our products. This list is constantly being added to and improved so be sure to check this section again in the future.



We offer a wide variety of optional switches for all our handles. We can install momentary or maintained pushbuttons or toggles in any switch position.


We carry an inventory of MS style, Brad Harrison, various ring, fork and spade terminals, Deutsch, and D-Sub connectors to fit your requirements.



We stock many types of wire. From one or two conductor up to thirty. Different jacket types are also available to provide oil resistance, flexibility or protection from extreme cold.
JS-05 Joystick


We have all the hardware that you need to connect our grips to your machine. Our handles use an adapter bushing that threads into the bottom of the handle.
JS-07 Joystick


Custom overlays are available for any of our grips, pendant stations or control boxes. There are very minimal or zero setup costs. They are a great way to show a company name or logo or control functions.


4 button for our S series
10 button for our L series.
These keypads are an easy way to provide extra functions to control computers, PLCs, or small relays.

Rocker Kit

Rockers can be ordered on new products or be retrofit to existing grips in the field. They can be added to the S Series, X Series and L Series control grips.


Other optional accessories can be added to your custom controls.