Rocker Kit

Rockers can be ordered on new products or be retrofit to existing grips in the field.
Rockers can be added to the S Series, X Series and L Series control grips. They can be installed in vertical or horizontal orientation over any two adjacent buttons.



RK-02 installation instructions PDF download.

Rocker Kit RK-02

RK-02 is a user installed Rocker kit comprised of:

  • 2 – High profile rockers
  • 2 – Low profile rockers
  • 1 – Vial of Super Glue

Single Rocker Position

Single rockers can be installed in one position to differentiate controls.

Vertical Installation

Rockers installed vertically on an L Series for uptown control.

Horizontal Installation

Rockers installed horizontally on an L Series for left right control.

High Profile Rocker

The high profile rocker has one raised edge to give your finger an intentional direction indication.